Snowy Village Cakelet Pan

Snowy Village Cake Pan

Gingerbread houses may have some competition this year for edible Christmas decorations. Williams Sonoma has just released a new, limited edition Snowy Village Cakelet Pan for the season. The pan bakes up six small cakes in the shapes of show-covered fairytale homes. The cast-iron pan is made by NordicWare (as are just about all of Williams Sonoma’s special edition pans), so it’s a heavy-weight pan. It also has a nonstick finish to help preserve some of the details of the cakes when you release them onto a cooling rack before baking.

Most cakes are going to look cute on a cake stand, these cakes can actually become part of your decor. You can set them out at the beginning of the evening during a holiday event and leave them out to be admired before serving. They don’t need much decoration, but a dusting of powdered sugar will give them some “snow” and a few dots of colored icing and you’ll have a string of Christmas lights going around the entire village!


  1. That is pretty awesome. With a little effort you could have an amazing centerpiece for your table–and dessert too. Though some folks might have a hard time eating them they are so pretty.

  2. Ahh yes, edible decorations. Luv it.

  3. That is one of the most beautiful (and editable!) things I have seen. If I had the extra money I would be all over that set :)

  4. That’s adorable! Very festive.

  5. All I can say is WOW!! I have to try that for the holiday season but FIRST, my husband’s bday is next week and I would love to make him a cake that looks like a computer – can you recommend any pans or recipes? Thanks!!

  6. hi nicole,
    i am soooo excited…just ordered your cookbook & cannot wait for it to arrive…my measuring cups/spoons are poised, baking sheets/pans positioned & i am eager to re-create “your bites!!”

  7. Hello Nicole! I received your cookbook that I ordered from Amazon; it arrived so fast (maybe because we’re both in California)! I can’t wait to start trying all of your wonderful recipes. Your blog has really taught and inspired me a lot. Thanks :)

  8. I like the way you presented the cake,, I like to eat this delicious cake right now..

  9. That little cake village is so cute! What is the snowman made out of?

  10. Aww…I love the holidays especially xmas season, this one is so festive. I am loving it!

  11. I can’t wait to start trying all of your wonderful recipes. Your blog has really taught and inspired me a lot. Thanks

  12. Awesome Cake. I really this cakelate plan. Its delicious and tasty. Thanks for this delicious recipe.

  13. THis is really an awesome recipe. One of my favorite dish. Today I gonna prepare it in home.

  14. any idea where to buy this now…ebay has some but for $60-100!!!!!!

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