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Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups

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Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups

A pyramid scheme is not usually something that you want to get involved with, but one exception to that rule would be if you had a set of these very nifty Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups to use in your kitchen. The set includes six measuring cups in a rainbow of colors that stack up into a near pyramid – hence the name. One thing that makes this set unusual is that it starts with a one teaspoon measure – much smaller than you find with most measuring cup sets – and builds up with one tablespoon, one quarter cup, one third cup, one half cup and one cup measures. They’re completely dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to clean and maintain, as well as to use.

I really like the way that this set looks when it is stacked up, and the variety of sizes that the set offers. I could even see cooks, rather than just bakers, grabbing the teaspoon measure off the top of the pyramid to quickly measure spices and herbs while they are cooking. As is the case with many novelty measuring cup sets, these would make a fun gift, as well as making a useful and space-sacing kitchen tool to add to your own collection.

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