How to make graham cracker crumbs

How to make graham cracker crumbs

A graham cracker crust is one of the easiest crust options for making a pie. There is no rolling out dough, nor do you even have to cut butter into flour! If you buy the crust, it’s even easier. Storebought graham cracker crusts are reliable and usually taste pretty good; I always have one on hand for easy pie baking (they’re great for key lime). That said, homemade usually tastes just a little bit better. They’re more buttery and contrast more with the filling than storebought crusts. They’re easy to mix up once you have all the ingredients, but getting those graham cracker crumbs together can be surprisingly difficult! Food processors don’t break up the graham crackers evenly. A rolling pin works well, provided that you can contain all the crumbs while you crush.

The best way I’ve found to make graham cracker crumbs is to repurpose a muddle – the kind used for mashing the ingredients in mojitos and other cocktails to release their natural oils/juice. I just put the graham crackers in a small bowl and mash away with the muddle. All the crumbs are contained and you have great control over where you aim to break up any large pieces. I find this method is much faster and much less messy than most of the others I’ve tried, not to mention that it gives me another good use for my muddle.


  1. So, question… do Graham Crackers exist outside of the US?

  2. Another great use for my muddle. I love that thing.

  3. I learned something new – I’d never heard of a muddle before :). Great website – I’ve been reading for awhile and this is my first time commenting. I love coming here for tips and ideas, and of course recipes!

  4. hmmm…I have never had a problem with the food processor, as long as I don’t put too many crackers in at once…add the butter right into there and viola!

    Check out the crust on

  5. I usually use the food processor as well, but instead of using graham crackers I like to use nilla waffers cookies. They are great for cheese cake bottoms too, they are a bit sweeter than grahams and make for a smoother bottom.

  6. I have an old meat tenderizer that I use for this kind of thing all the time. I just put whatever I want into a ziploc and have at it with the tenderizer. I use it to chop up nuts, and I’ve even made hummus with it a few times!

  7. I use a blender, pulsing it (turning it on and off). I break the graham crackers into two batches, and the bigger pieces go back in for a third batch.

    My sister likes to teach men to cook, and she’ll put the graham crackers in a ziplock bag and hand them a rubber mallet. This is an especially great method when you have some frustrations to get out.

  8. thanks for the tip!

  9. I just use a can to do this, rather than buy a new piece of equipment. I always have a can of soup or chickpeas kicking around, but I also usually make graham cracker crusts for pumpkin pies, with canned filling, which is how I put two and two together in the first place.

  10. I use the ziploc method as well, but I don’t mash with a mallet. It is WAY easier to just get out your rolling pin, apply a little pressure, and roll over the grahams to crush them. Very quick and easy.

  11. A muddle? It sounds like a little creature out of a children’s book! LOL! I also use the ziploc bag method. Just use a gallon size bag, zip the crackers inside and roll with a rolling pin. No mess!

  12. I once saw my friend using a graham cracker crumbs that were sold in pouches. Think it is the easiest way to get a graham cracker crumbs. Buy from the supermarket.

  13. yeah i agree with Cornelia Cunningham buying from the supermarket is the easy way to get graham cracker crubms

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