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Bites from other Blogs

  • Sweet Cherrie Pie‘s Devil’s Food Hot Dogs might look like appetizer-sized savory sausages, but these little treats are actually made of cake! The dogs themselves are made with devil’s food chocolate cake that has been broken down and reshaped into links. The dogs are placed on choux pastry buns, which have a very realistic look to them, and they’re topped off with a drizzle of pastry cream that stands in for mustard. They’re cute and just as tasty as they look – albeit sweeter than you might be expecting when you pick one up!
  • Poppyseeds aren’t just for topping bagels. They can be a great ingredient in cakes, too, adding a little bit of texture and a beautiful look to an otherwise plain cake. Cheeky Kitchen‘s Poppyseed Rum Cake is dense, tender and flavorful. It is soaked in a rum and almond syrup while it is still hot, which adds a lot of moisture and flavor to the cake. It’s rich, but simple and the kind of dessert you can whip up for yourself or for a crowd. The syrup is nonalcoholic, but you could adapt it to include some real rum to turn this into a dinner party dessert for grown ups, too.
  • Citrus season is in full swing and it is time to take advantage of those Meyer Lemons with a batch of Meyer Lemon Bars, like those that Kitchen Runaway baked up recently. Meyer lemons are less acidic than regular lemons, so you get all of that lemon flavor without some of the puckery tartness you get from other lemons. This results in a particularly creamy, sweet lemon treat. If you buy extra lemons, don’t forget to freeze the zest so that you can use them in the off-season!
  • If you are a fan of German chocolate cake, then you might want to give The Galley Gourmet‘s Mile High German Chocolate Cake recipe a spin. Classic German chocolate cake is simply chocolate cake spread with a gooey, sweet topping. This dessert is much more elegant – and indulgent. The chocolate cake is soaked in a Godiva Chocolate Liqueur syrup and four layers of the cake are stacked up with gooey coconut filling before the cake is covered in a dark chocolate frosting.
  • Comme un lait fraise is Fanny’s new blog (former of Food Beam) and she started off the new year with a post about Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Chocolate covered pretzels are tasty, with a salty-sweet goodness about them, but this post is all about tempering chocolate to get that perfectly glossy finished product when you are dipping pretzels or any other foods. There is lots of great information and you’ll probably want to get your hands dirty with some chocolate yourself. And you can always practice dipping treats for your Valentine, as Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away.

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  • The Galley Gourmet
    January 19, 2011

    Thanks for the “bite”. The cake was delicious and a scoop of good vanilla ice cream just put it over the top!

  • Cherrie
    January 20, 2011

    Thanks for the mention and link to my hot dog cakes! I love your blog btw 🙂

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