Brownie Pop Mold

Brownie Pop Mold

The cupcake cake pops made so popular by Bakerella are made by crumbling up a cake, mixing it with frosting and shaping it into balls, to be stuck on popsicle-type sticks and decorated. They’re adorable and, although they’re a lot of hands-on work, they’re fun to make. These are the first things that I thought of when I saw Wilton’s new Brownie Pop Mold. The silicone pan contains eight deep, rounded cavities that bake give brownies just enough depth to retain their fudginess, while still enabling them to be skewered with popsicle sticks to look like cute cupcake pops and cakesicles.

Aside from keeping up with the cake-pop trend, the idea of brownie pops seems a little strange to devote a whole pan to. Fortunately, you can use this pan for other things, as well. It would make a fantastic mold for ice cream bon bons (just fill, freeze and dip in chocolate) or larger candies. You coupld pipe marshmallows into them to give your homemade ones a more rounded look. Sugar donut muffins baked in this pan would turn out looking like donut holes. The possibilities are endless and the pan gives you a lot more options that you would expext it to!


  1. excellent! and less expensive than

    i do plan to buy some square ice cube trays and just make square brownie pops.

  2. I love this–the possibilities really are endless with a cool pan like this!

  3. wilton should pay bakerella the proceeds of this

  4. I used these molds to make brownie pops for a party we threw a few weeks ago. They were a HUGE hit.

  5. punkrawkknitter

    This mold reminds me of ice cube trays, which makes me wonder if I could bake in my ikea silicon ice cube trays?

  6. This mold definitely has some fun possibilities. Wonder how the brownie pops would turn out with a little caramel or other filling put into the middle of them?

  7. Ooooh now I’m thinking of all the different things I could do with this – and I have to have one!

  8. This looks really cool! i luv hands on stuff. Can’t wait to get the little friends to help me out :)

  9. Bought the mold to make the brownie pops but do not know how long to cook them. Ones I “tried” either came out goopy in the center. The mold is hidden in the pantry until I find out how long to cook them. Make great end of year treats if I could get the baking time right. How long did you bake your beautiful samples?

  10. I think these are super and I am making some now, I am having to cook them about 15-20 min. though. My problem is getting them flat on top, they keep puffing out. These I didn’t fill nearly as much, but they seem to still be puffing up? Any ideas?

  11. I would not bake anything in silicon that is not specified for high temps.

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