Anyone looking for an alternative to cakes and cupcakes for their baking this summer might want to check out the cakesicles baking pan. This baking pan has popsicle-shaped depressions that, as you can imagine, produce cakes and cookies in that same shape. The popsicles are fairly shallow, but there is no mistaking the design.

Cookies are thick and sturdy enough to hold their shape well if you slide a popsicle stick inside to complete the look, but cake can crumble when you put it on a stick. Instead, take two cakesicles, sandwich them together with frosting and dunk them into chocolate (white, milk or dark) to give them a real popsicle look. This is how the cakesicle in the photo above was made. It has a yellow cake, orange buttercream, white chocolate coating and sprinkles.  I confess that this cakesicle was from a party, and not something I put together, but the pan comes with recipes that should really streamline the process. . These treats would be fantastic at a kids party or at any summer gathering – especially since you don’t need an easily accessible freezer to keep these from melting!


  1. Oh My GOSH!!! Those are beyond cute!

  2. I just ordered mine!

  3. Wow. Totally running this idea past my son for his birthday party. (I wonder if my local cake supply store has these…?)

  4. That is really funny and really cute!

  5. These are fantastic! I love finding new and fun ways to serve food for parties. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. did you make that one? I love it. Those could be lots of fun and fattening in my house.

  8. Those are adorable and would be perfect for a bbq! Great post!

  9. My first thought was: perfect for the kids! My second thought: why the kids…wouldn’t this be fun to serve at a dinner party! Thank you. I’m going to get that pan pronto!

  10. My first thought was: perfect for the kids! My second thought: why the kids…wouldn’t this be fun to serve at a dinner party! Thank you. I’m going to get that pan pronto!

  11. SO cute – thanks for sharing :)

  12. Oh man, Nicole! Thanks for sharing this one. Those cakesicles look so darn good. I’m totally going to have to invest in this pan. You see, I really like ice cream, but I love cake more…and there’s something totally fabulous about having cake and icing in ice cream form!

  13. Very cute! I wouldn’t buy a special pan for the one time I’d actually use it, but they’re really cute.

  14. what a great idea! i’ll have to look into this!!!

  15. Thanks for sharing…great for any party…

  16. If you don’t want to invest in the pan, you can try it with that madeleine pan we all bought years ago!

  17. YUM!! Looks like something I can put together for camp this summer :)

  18. Those are the most creative easy cakes I’ve ever seen

  19. This is so adorable!

    Now I’m just wondering how I could do it without buying the pan…

  20. So unique and adorable! Great find!

  21. What kind of white coating is that and how did they get it on so perfectly? That looks better than the one in the ad for the pan.

  22. Wow! This is very appropriate for summer vacation as the kids want to try something new and exciting. Perfect for parties, picnics and short travels.

    I think I’ll start checking the pan for this. Thanks!


  23. This is great for summer and parties…I’m sure kids will love this cakesicle…Can I have some?..hmmmmm..very delicious…

  24. that ignited the taste buds

  25. OMG! My kids just absolutely LOVED these. I think they ate about 5 each, lol. The only problem now is they constantly are asking me to make them for them. I brought a batch to school today for a last day of school treat – they were a huge hit!

  26. I made these yesterday and they were absolutely delicious! My nieces loved. Thanks for the great recipe.

  27. That’s a great idea!

  28. This cake looks great, it makes me hungry,lol

  29. Hello, this is really great post, I will bookmark this! it will help lots of people. Keep posting!

  30. The popsicles are fairly shallow, but there is no mistaking the design

  31. The person who said you can substitute baking soda for cream of tartar is mistaken. Baking soda is alkaline and cream of tartar is acidic. The chemistry is completely different and they can never be substituted for each other.

  32. Great!.. i was baking a cake and someone asked me wat is cream of tartar.. i was like i have no clue!.. this post was

    helpful…thanxs again…!

  33. I was smiling when I saw you mentioned I used to check this site up almost every day but now I click on your blog instead!

  34. They look cheerful and delicious! Thanks for sharing! : )

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