Green Apple Nonstick Glass Bakeware, reviewed

Green Apple Nonstick Glass Bakeware

Glass bakeware from Green Apple isn’t exactly the same as Pyrex bakeware, although the two are both made of glass. Glass bakeware is made of borosilicate glass, a glass that is extremely temperature resistant with a low expansion coefficient. It is most often used for for scientific and laboratory tools, but is also used for lamps and other glassware that might be exposed to high temperatures. Up until 1998, Pyrex was also made from borosilicate glass, but is now made with soda-lime glass, a glass that is already used in the manufacture of many food and beverage products, as well as for windows.

Green Apple Nonstick Glass Bakeware is a line of glass bakeware that is being pitched, not only as non-stick, but as “all natural.” What makes this bakeware nonstick is an “FDA approved NAMIā„¢ coating” that provides a chemical-free, antibacterial surface. The website, unfortunately, doesn’t explain what the coating is made out of. Nevertheless, I wanted to see how it worked compared to my pyrex (mine is older and also borosilicate, as opposed to the newer glass) and whether the nonstick coating worked – and if so, if that made it worth buying.

I picked up a nonstick pie plate. I found that the nonstick surface did work very well and my foods baked evenly (I tried pies and cake/brownie types). The only drawbacks I found were that the pan is not dishwasher safe and the company recommends that you only use soft utensils on the bakeware, as the nonstick surface can scratch easily. While the hand-wash-only thing is annoying, not being able to use metal utensils on the pan is a huge negative for me. I can see “slicing” a cake with a firm, yet soft, silicone tool, but there is no way that you can slice up a double crust pie without using a real knife.

So, the pie plate may not be the best choice for a nonstick pan, but because the nonstick surface seems to work very well, I would definitely consider using other pan shapes for everyday cakes. That said, since my pyrex works just as well and I don’t mind greasing a pan before I use it, I’m not going to run out to replace anything in my kitchen with this line of bakeware just yet.


  1. I saw that in Target recently and thought that was a great deal until I saw it was hand wash only. Maybe I’m lazy but one of the things I like most about glass bakeware is the way it cleans up in the dishwasher. Maybe the non-stick is a good trade-off for some folks but I’d rather spray or line my glass pans and bowls than I would hand-wash it all. I liked the idea too, though.

  2. I hadn’t heard of that bakeware prior to reading your post. I will keep my eyes open for it. In addition to cakes and pies, I use my pie plate to make some baked dips, such as a buffalo chicken dip. I would be curious to see how the non-stick surface holds up to baked on cheese!

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Interesting idea, but not using metal on the pan is a deal breaker for me. With 2 kids cooking in the kitchen there’s no way we could preserve the non-stick coating. Also, I’d rather grease my pan with things I know are all right for my body, not a chemical coating that will come off in my food sooner or later.

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  6. I own several pieces of the Green Apple bakeware and LOVE IT!! I don’t own metal cooking utensils but I have baked anything from cakes to a roast and NOTHING sticks. I don’t have to grease and flour the cake pan just pour, bake and serve. The cake comes right out and cleaning is a breeze no scrubbing just simply wipes out. I love love love this bakeware and was upset when I went to target lastnight to find they didn’t have it anymore, I was going to buy for a wedding coming up and poof gone. I will have to find it online and stock up!

  7. I LOVE this bakeware…nothing, and I mean NOTHING sticks to it. Therefore, washing it in warm soapy water is simple, fast, easy and a no-brainer! The only drawback, is that I just went to Target to buy this for everyone’s Christmas presents and they stopped carrying it. I’m dismayed! I’ve give this as a gift before and everyone LOVES it!!!! It’s one of the best new products I’ve tried in a long time. Has anyone seen it anywhere besides Target?

  8. I have one of these baking dishes and have used it for almost 2 years now always washing it it the dishwasher and use whatever utensils I wish in it, plastic or metal. Nothing has ever stuck to it up until now. I consider this pretty good for the way I treated it, and will be going to buy another soon.

  9. I love this bakeware and also found it @ Target as clearance items, wished I had bought more pieces, works great, easy to wash. Was so sad when my small rectangle one broke when i accidentally dropped. Where can i find more!! Excellent product

  10. You can purchase this through QVC. Great stuff and the non stick is not a chemical surface but permanently fused to the glass molecules , it can’t come off. Not using metal is just to protect the glass. If I can avoid the added calories from grease, oil or butter, better for me!

  11. I first bought this pie pan at full pice at Target, in ’08. I fell immediately in love with it and gave several as gifts. Then, when I went back for more, I saw them in the clearance bin and bought all TEN of them! The company is now out of business; the domaine name is up for sale, sadly. I can’t say enough INCREDIBLE things about this pan! Use it for casseroles, frittatas, pies, dips…and NOTHING sticks to it, ever! I only have wooden utensils at home so metal scratching it was no consideration. I also wash all my dishes by hand so that wasn’t a problem, either. Such a pity that such a superior product went away. And I checked QVC; they only have two rectangular pans for sale, that’s it.

  12. I loved my pan in the beginning also, but over time my pan turned brown. Once it turned brown the non-stick surface no longer existed. I have had my pan for 2 years.

  13. Thanks for the reviews. I had seen the product advertised with one of those Infomercials at QVC. It seems like a good bargain and a helpful piece to have in the closet. I am not entirely convinced yet, but will continue to study.

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