Spiderweb Tiered Cake Stand

Spiderweb Tiered Cake StandIf you bake on a regular basis, you probably already have one full-sized cake stand at home for serving and storing cakes. Cupcakes usually require more room than a regular cake, but often fit on a regular cake stand for presentation purposes. If you’re hosting a big group and serving more than a dozen cupcakes, you’re going to need a little more space to showcase your creations – especially if you’ve opted for a cupcake that’s a little more special than plain chocolate or vanilla. For Halloween, this Spiderweb Tiered Cake Stand is perfect. I know that I want to add it to my collection of Halloween decorations! The design is simple and the spiderweb look-a-like levels look great. It can easily hold cakes, cookies and candies, and fits nicely in with other spooky holiday decor.

You can always make your own cake stand, but since we’re now getting close to Halloween and retailers want more space for their Christmas gear (early, of course), it’s going to be on sale and probably a pretty good deal.

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  1. I just posted about this stand yesterday! so cute.

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