Illusion Dessert Bowls

Illusion Dessert Bowls

It really is true that we “taste with our eyes” to some extent when a plate of food is set in front of us. Appearance alone doesn’t trump taste, but it can really help elevate a dessert from being very tasty to being unforgettable. In other words, I’m happy to eat a brownie that has crumbled into bits after I tried (unsuccessfully) to remove it from its pan, but I’m not going to serve that particular brownie to dinner guests if I can cut a neater slice.

I tend to use simple bowls and plates – pretty much the same ones I use day in and day out – for dessert platings at home, with a few prettier bowls set aside for dressing up ice cream sundaes and such. These Illusion Dessert Bowls are tempting me to start up a new collection of dessertware. The bowls are made of glass and are shaped to give the appearance that a traditional dessert bowl is suspended in clear glass. The effect is lovely, and the fact that the bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe is a bonus that makes the seemingly delicate dishes practical.

Is it too early to add to my Christmas wish list?


  1. Those are neat and NO it isn’t too early to start that Christmas list. I’ve started mine! :-)

  2. I LOVE these! Nice find. These are so on my list.


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