Heritage Bundt Pan

Heritage Bundt Pan

It’s not until you see the finished product from Nordicware’s Heritage Bunt pan that you realize how gorgeous it really is. The pan itself is nice, but not that impressive. The finished cake comes out with sharp lines, forming a swirling design that is reminiscent of a very geometric flower bud. It is also slightly reminiscent of a kugelhopf pan. Kugelhopf is a type of eastern European cake that is made with yeast and lightly sweetened. The cakes were beautiful, but a bit time consuming to make. The shape of the kugelhopf pan is what is said to have inspired Nordicware to create its first bundt pan back in the 1950s, giving home cooks a vehicle for creating equally beautiful, but easier to make, cakes. Bundt pans come in all kinds of designs, of course, but this vintage-inspired pan truly is gorgeous.

In spite of the fact that the Williams-Sonoma website says that they’re only selling this pan online or by catalog, I’ve actually seen it on the shelves at two WS stores near me and know that it would be easier to pick up in store than waiting (and paying) for shipping. It doesn’t look like the ridges of the pan are too narrow, either, so this is a design that should come out of the pan much more cleanly than some of the more complicated bundt designs.


  1. So sleek, I love it. Its good the ridges aren’t too thin – I have a decorative topped silicone bundt pan that I’ve only used once because the whole top half of the cake remained stuck to the pan when I tried to remove the cake – Tragic! I’ve yet to work up the courage of possibly ruining another entire cake and try out the pan again – Maybe I’ll just buy this one instead!!

  2. We have it in the WS that I work at and I love the way it bakes, it makes the edges slightly crispy while the inside is still ridiculously moist.

  3. That is gorgeous. I blame you for any future bundt pan purchases!

  4. I’m a sucker for interesting pans. I have stopped myself from buying them full-price but if I see one at a great sale price, I weaken and buy another one. I have learned to avoid the really intricate ones. Too much work getting them greased, hard to extract the cake, and tiresome to wash. My favorite are the mini asst. Bundt pans. The right kind of sturdy cake comes out so delicate and intricately shaped–they are SO cute. :) I’ll have to wait for this one to hit some sale shelf but when it does…I think I will have one more Bundt pan in my collection!

  5. I so have bundt pan envy – it’s so gorgeous and what a wow finish when it’s out of the pan. I’ve got to have this one.

  6. Wow!
    I love the result.

  7. That is beautiful! I love bundt cakes….if my kitchen were bigger than the current teeny size that it is…..I would probably have a whole cake-pan cabinet! Oy.

  8. seems lovely, just as an architecs building

  9. I am usually not very much a stickler for detail, but as the Kouglof or Gugelhupf is a speciality of the region I come from I have to correct you on this one.
    As far as I know the cake in question originates east and west of the French/German border and can so in no way be named a Eastern European cake…
    Anyway, the new pan looks very nice and different in a good way!

  10. In 1972 I went to a Gas Company cooking demo and was introduced to the Bundt pan. I bought one–still have it and also several other special designs. I find if I use PAM it always comes out perfect. They always look so impressive on a dessert table at home, church, or for a Square Dance party.

    Sometimes, I find an interesting design at the Good Will for ΒΆΒΆ and that is how my collection grows. The older ones are made from much heavier metal and I like that.

  11. I have been in love with this pan for years and finally got it at an incredible sale after Christmas. I’ve tried using it twice and the cake sticks! The first time it completely tore to shreds, this time I lost those beautiful sharp edges but got the main bulk out intact. And now I’ve scratched a bit of the non-stick coating trying to nudge a cake out.

    Does anyone who has baked with this or other fancy bundt pans have any tips on how to get it to release easily and cleanly?

  12. For those of you who have had trouble geting the cake out without breaking, have you tried cake release spray. It is an aerosol spray, and you spray your bundt tim before you put the mixture in.
    Have a look on Youtube for the demonstrations.
    It does work and my ’100%er’ is made by Lakeland.

    Just remeber there is no such thing as too much release spray!!!!!
    Happy Baking!!

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