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Wilton Cake Lifter

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Wilton Cake Lifter
It can be difficult to work with cake layers, especially when you are handing a cake that is quite large. Cake layers tend to be fragile and it doesn’t take much to accidentally break them when you are trying to move them around in the kitchen or stack them up as you assemble your layer cake. I can’t count the number of times I’ve accidentally cracked a cake while moving it. Fortunately, a generous frosting application is all that you need to repair the damage, but it is definitely better to try to keep things in one piece.

The Wilton Cake Lifter is a tool that can really come in handy in the kitchen when you need to move around large, delicate baked goods. The lifter looks like a very large stainless steel spatula without a handle. It measures 9 1/2″ x 8″ inches and has a nonstick grip on one side that you can hold on to. To use it, you slide the flat edge under a cake, then you can easily move it while keeping it well supported. The design is more supportive than some other cake lifters that I’ve used. You can also use it to move other large baked goods (or other foods, for that matter) around. If you bake homemade pizzas, a tool like this one can also double as a peel to help you guide pizza dough in and out of the oven easily.

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