Strawberry Goat Cheese Scones

Strawberry Goat Cheese Scones

Scones have been on my mind for the last couple of weeks, but I haven’t’ been inspired to do much aside from some of my usual favorites. I hadn’t, I should say, because I managed to find some inspiration this morning while doing a bit of grocery shopping, inspiration in the form of goat cheese.

It’s been ages since I had goat cheese and the soft, tangy cheese is very versatile. I planned to use it in a salad with fresh strawberries (which I probably will later, now that I think about it), but the combination seemed like it had potential in scones, as well, and I opted to try a batch first. Cheese is a lovely inclusion in scones because it is fairly fatty, like butter, and adds a lot of tenderness to a scone along with a nice flavor. Goat cheese in particular works well. It goes with both sweet and savory foods, and the flavor is distinctive, but not overwhelming. Feel free to buy a pre-crumbled goat cheese for convenience, as it’s the easiest thing to have on hand for making scones or salads.

Aside from my two inspiration ingredients, these are standard scones. I cut back a little bit on the amount of butter I used because I knew that the scones would be very tender from the addition of goat cheese. The scones were delicious. The sweetness of the fresh strawberries went beautifully with the tang of the goat cheese. I served mine with strawberry jam and butter, enhancing the overall sweetness. You can increase the amount of sugar in these by a tablespoon or three if you intend for them to be sweet and brunchy on their own. Alternatively, you can also experiment with adding fresh herbs to play up the savory cheese if you want to serve them as a side with dinner or a salad.

Strawberry Goat Cheese Scones
2 cups all purpose flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/3 cup butter, chilled and cut into large pieces
1/2-3/4 cup milk (low fat is fine)
1/2 cup crumbled goat cheese
1/2 cup diced fresh strawberries

Preheat oven to 400F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
In a large bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Add in butter and toss to coat. Using your finger tips, rub the butter into the flour mixture until it resembles very coarse sand. A few large bits are ok, but try not to have any pieces larger than an average pea. This can also be done by pulsing the mixture in the food processor.
Add about 1/2 cup milk and goat cheese and stir, adding additional milk if necessary, until dough comes together into a slightly sticky ball. Mix in strawberries by hand, lightly kneading the dough to evenly distribute the fruit.
Place dough on prepared baking sheet and press down into a disc that is about 1-inch thick. Use a sharp knife to cut dough into 6 triangles. Separate slightly, giving them room to spread, and place pan in the oven.
Bake for 15-20 minutes, until scones are light gold on top.
Let cool on a wire rack before serving. Scones can be served warm or at room temperature.

Makes 6.


  1. Those scones are beautiful. I need a baking project for the wkend and I usually make a big brunch on Saturday’s–I think I might have to try these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am a very big fan of scones and love this article. Thank you so much! I am referring a colleague to you, Farmgirl Susan. She, too, adores scones!

  3. I’m always terrified of baking with strawberries…
    These look wonderful!

  4. These scones look so good! I can just imagine how amazing they tasted.

  5. The combo sounds unusual (for scones), but very good. Just wondering – what kind of goat cheese did you use? Feta? It sounds like one of the drier, crumbly variants rather than a moist, soft one (like chevre). Do you think any goat would work?

  6. I did not use feta. I think it would be too salty for these. I used a crumbly chevre.

  7. Scones are my favorite!! scones and tea!! oh.mmmmmmmh

  8. We had scones for dinner last night after I saw this post. Thanks! Ours were cranberry oatmeal because my kids ate all the strawberries out of the garden before I could use them.

  9. OH MY…don’t these look fabulous!!!

  10. I made these with some fresh berries that I cut up, sprinkled a little sugar on, and let sit in the fridge for a few hours. I used a crubly chevre, and I’m worried that I might have overmixed or something. I used the food processor, but I pulsed sparingly. Unfortunately my scones came out more biscuity that I would have liked. I might try adding buttermilk and cutting down on the cheese. By the way, you can really taste the tang of the goat cheese, and it is lovely!

  11. I made these last night! Decedently wonderful! Thanks so much!

  12. The picture and description looked awesome, so I tried this recipe. I have to say this is my least favorite of all the scones I’ve tried on this site so far. They just were kinda “blah.” Really disappointing. I think they needed a lot more sugar or something.

  13. I don’t know what SingerGirl is talking about, these are one of my new favorite scone recipes. They came together so easily and they baked perfectly, you’d swear Martha Stewart was in my kitchen and secretly made these. Again, thanks for the side bar relevant recipes, I would have never found these otherwise.

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