Measuring Spoons with Heart

heart-shaped measuring spoons

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. What does a spoonful of love do? Officially – or as officially as these matters get - the answer is nothing, but just about every food is going to taste best when it is made with a little bit of love and the extra care that comes with it. Love can’t really be measured and the closest way to estimate how much is going into whatever you are baking is by using something like a heart-shaped measuring spoon. There are a couple of sets out there to choose from.

The two most charming are the RSVP measuring spoon set (pictured above, right), which can be purchased with a matching heart-shaped measuring cup set for a complete kitchen set, and the Love Beyond Measure Set (above, left). The RSVP set stick to traditional units of measurement, using quarter, half and full teaspoons and a tablespoon, while the Love Beyond Measure set measures in “A Pinch of Patience,” “A Dash of Kindness,” “A Spoonful of Laughter” and “A Heap of Love.” Practically speaking, they correspond to the traditional measuring spoon units, so their cuteness doesn’t get in the way of their functionality.

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  1. Love these! We handed out the “Love Beyond Measure” set at one of my bridal showers a few years back. People still tell me how much they love them. Love your blog!

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