EZ bake oven for computer nerds?

ez-bake oven for computer nerds

I’m feeling a bit red in the face right now because when a good friend sent me a link to ThinkGeek’s PC Ez-Bake Oven, I was so excited over the idea of a gadget that combined my love of computers with my love of baking that I didn’t realize it was a joke! I’ll admit that the disk drive-sized oven that plugged directly into your computer sounded like something of a fire hazard, but nostalgia for my first Easy Bake oven from years ago won out over better judgment.

Fortunately for me, even if I can’t quite get my hands on the oven above (not without a second computer and a tool kit to experiment with, anyway), I can still get an updated Easy Bake oven. Made by Hasbro for more than 4 decades now, Easy Bake Ovens are still much the same as they always were, using a light bulb to “bake” various miniature cakes and cookies. I’d pair an oven with an updated cookbook to avoid getting stuck with using the packaged cake mixes designed for the machine and give myself a little more room for creativity with recipes that will work with the light bulb cooking method.

Now that I think about it, my first EBO might have actually been a Christmas gift. Maybe a new one wouldn’t be such a bad thing to add to my wish list this year. It might not be as practical as kitchen equipment that will work with my real oven, but it would probably be a lot of fun to play with.


  1. There is the fact that this was part of thinkgeek’s april fools day product line and doesn’t really exist…

  2. I really hope that you realise this is joke product that doesn’t actually exist.

  3. My daughter had an EBO at age 5….thanks for the memories :)

  4. My boyfriend said he would buy me an EBO for Christmas, that would make dorm life so much more pleasant.

    I would love a PC-EZ-Bake… multitasking here I come.

  5. Well if you would’ve read the first sentence you would know that he did in fact realize it was a joke.

  6. Well if you would’ve read the first sentence you would know that she did in fact realize it was a joke.

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