A plushie for bakers

yeast plushieI have always liked the giant microbes collection of plushies, which consists of soft and cuddly versions of various microorganisms. Most are cute versions of decidedly un-cute diseases - chicken pox, mad cow, the flu, etc. – but there is one that, as a baker, immediately caught my interest. The yeast plushie is an adorably blown-up version of the yeast used in bread and beer making. It’s so cute and so appropriate, that I would be willing to clear a space in my kitchen so that I could keep it near my other bread-baking supplies.

I also have a soft spot for the flesh eating bacteria, largely because of the little knife and fork embroidered on his stomach (though you probably have to have a sense of humor to enjoy him). In the event anyone you know is a health inspector, you might want to consider picking up an e. coli or salmonella plushie, as well. 


  1. These are the greatest gifts ever! I just ordered a “white blood cell plushie” for my guy, who’s in medical school… It’s perfect! :-)

    I’m a new blogger, by the way – hi! I love your site…

  2. Thanks, Astra. That’s a great idea for a med school student!

  3. Oh, I have one of those! My brother gave it to me a few years ago, when I was in the middle of yet another brewing kick.

  4. I love those, we just spend 15 mn with my mum laughing while watching the ebola virus etc…

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