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Pre-measured baking liners

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silicone linersI almost always use either parchment paper or a nonstick silicone silpat to line my baking sheets. It’s a snap to pull off a sheet and lay it on the pan, and it always saves me time on cleanup on top of preventing cookies, etc. from sticking.

When it comes to other pans – loaf pans, cake pans, pie plates – I don’t always bother trying to cut the parchment to fit perfectly into the pan. For round pans, I will usually line only the bottom with a circle of paper and, for rectangular pans, I might use aluminum foil, if anything at all.

Recently, I came across this set of pre-measured silicone pan liners that sound like a great solution. The set of three includes 9-inch round, 9×5-inch loaf and 8-inch square liners, ready to pop into your pan at a moment’s notice. The sizes won’t work for all pans, of course,┬ábut they are extremely common and very likely to come in handy. They’re reusable, nonstick and (at the moment of writing this) on sale.

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  • Nancy
    August 10, 2007

    Neat idea–going to go check them out. The King Arthur flour folks also sell precut sheets of parchment paper that fit a half sheet pan, in rolls of 100, and though they’re disposable, you can reuse them a number of times. I go through 2-3 rolls of these a year. When I bake artisan breads, which I typically do directly on clay tiles in the oven, I do the final rise directly on the parchment and then slide the bread into the oven, paper and all. Bakes just as nicely and is a snap to slide in and out with a peel.

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