Get Well Soon, Clare!

Dusty, Phoebe and I wish our good friend Clare all the best, since she is still in hospital from her accident this past week. Since Clare and her cat, Kiri, normally host Weekend Cat Blogging, Masak-Masak has thoughtfully arranged a tribute WCB with get-well wishes for Clare.
Dusty, who is pictured above, may not seem worried, but he’s just concentrating very hard. Really.


  1. Thank you Dusty, Phoebe and Auntie Nic for the well wishes for Clare and Kiri.

    Lots of love

    Boo the cat

    p/s Dusty, that chair looks really comfy.

  2. Looks like he’s closing his eyes and making a big wish!

  3. Lovely pix and lovely cat

  4. There’s nothing cuter than a lazy cat sleeping! Nice cat/pic…

  5. Boo – Thank *you* for setting up the event!

    Cathy – Yep, he’s wishing for more food.

    Tantan – Thank you!

    Rosa – It’s just about the only time he’s holding still and I can get a good shot, too.

  6. Thankyou soooo much Nic!

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