Cherry Pie

I learned a few things about cherry pie yesterday.

First, my crust was incredibly flakey and browned very well with an egg-white wash and generous sprinkling of coarse sugar. Second, frozen cherries work very well when you don’t have time to pit 2 pounds of fresh cherries. I used sweet cherries and reduced the sugar called for by most recipes from 1 cup to 1/2 cup. I wouldn’t have wanted it any sweeter because that might have overwhelmed the pie, not to mention the lovely hint of almond contributed by 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract.

Third, I believe I now know why it is recommended that you use tapioca starch as a thickener in berry fillings. I used 3 tablespoons of cornstarch, which did a fairly good job of creating structure in the pie. I would have perfered the slightly stronger thickening power of tapioca, though. I don’t want to spoon excess juice out of the leftover slices of my pie to make sure the crust stays flakey. Of coure, I also don’t want to have an artificial gel to the pie filling, so I’ll take the extra juice in favor of flavor and texture when it comes down to it.

I also learned that I like cherry pie much more than I ever remembered.


  1. Cherry Pie is my dad’s all-time favorite dessert! I didn’t get to see him yesterday, but I am planning on making a cherry pie for him the next time I do see him.

  2. That looks sooo good… can I have a slice? Pretty Please?

  3. lord-have-mercy!
    That looks GOOD!
    My favorite breakfast, cherry pie!
    And that crust—Picture perfect!

  4. That crust looks amazing! Thanks for including the link to your informative pie/tart crust cooking class post. I use flour with a little cornstarch as a thickener for blackberry pie, but I’ve never tried it with cherry pie. Well done yum!

  5. Alice – What a great idea! ;)

    Clare – Maybe I’ll save a slice and send it out with Blogging by Mail….

    Melissa – Breakfast of champions, of course.

    Farmgirl – My pleasure. My current theory is that because the cherries are pitted, there is just too much juice to use the same kind of binder as in other fruit pies.

  6. Wow Nic, your crust looks amazing. The filling looks good as well, but I’ve never had a non-store bought cherry pie, so my opinion of them isn’t very high.

  7. Liz – Pies are easy to make. They can even be better than store bought (unless you live near a great bakery!) if you use refrigerated pie crust because you’ll be able to add your own touches to the fillings. Use any kind of fruit, a little sugar, a little spice and bake for about an hour until the fruit is tender and the juices are bubbly through the vents of the pie.

  8. hi nic, pie looks really good and yummy, but just one question that’s puzzling me, why are your cherries at the side of the pie?

  9. That crust is to die for, I am having a problem with baking right now because it is so darn hot and crusts and dough melt in my hands any suggestions, I chill but still to no avail, to hard when it gets out of the fridge then blah.

  10. Hmm, when I’ve made fruit pies, I cook the filling on the stove first so I can control how much juice goes in the pie. I use the leftover syrup for ice cream and pancakes or just licking straight up.

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