Jam N’ Butter

Due to popular demand (Dr. Biggles) I decided to photograph my sourdough in a state of non-nakedness today.

Sourdough was baked in a very hot oven that had been sprayed with lots of water to make it nice and steamy. Sourdough then took a long, relaxing cool down on state of the art cooling racks. Sourdough was sliced and dressed, in both strawberry preserves and soft butter, before being arranged for the photographer.
Then Sourdough was eaten. And enjoyed.

But for the purists, here’s a candid shot of Sourdough in its natural state:


  1. YEAH !! I WIN !!

    Lovely. Now that’s luscious.

    Thank you very much.

  2. My pleasure. I thought that the sliced up strawberry was a nice touch, too.

  3. Great photos! The jam and butter remind me of my latest favorite toast topper: mascarpone and homemade fig jam.

  4. Oh and that was Lisa.


  5. Thanks Lisa. Homemade fig jam sounds absolutely yummy – I don’t think I’ve ever had fig jam before. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for it!

  6. Charlotte Creeley, Esq

    I just named my new puppy Pineflats Jam’n Butter. He’s a purebred fawn French Bulldog. Thanks!

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