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Betty Crocker Cinnamon Roll Mug Treats, reviewed

Betty Crocker Cinnamon Roll Mug Treats, reviewed
When I first started making mug cakes, you could make them from boxes of cake mix by measuring out just a few tablespoons at a time. These days, cake mix producers have wised up and now offer individually sized packets to make single-serving snacks a piece of cake. Betty Crocker Cinnamon Roll Mug Treats are one of the flavors offered by the classic cake mix brand, offering a quick way to get a cinnamon roll-inspired snack in less than two minutes.

The package contains four pouches of cake mix and four pouches of icing, which is not always included with other microwave cake mixes. Mixing up the batter is easy: pour the mix into a mug, add water or milk, and stir! The cake is studded with cinnamon chips and baked up quickly and easily into  a fluffy white cake that really smelled like cinnamon when it came out of the microwave. The icing is drizzled onto the cake while it is still warm, so it can melt a bit into the cake, creating a gooey cinnamon roll-like effect.

The cake is actually pretty tasty, with a soft, fluffy texture and a nice vanilla and cinnamon flavor. The cake is not overly sweet, so the icing is good addition for extra sweetness and a bit of extra moisture, since mug cakes can sometimes be on the dry side. I felt that there wasn’t enough cream cheese flavor in the frosting – which is supposed to be a cream cheese frosting – and really think it would have sold the cinnamon roll idea more if that cream cheese tang had been present in every bite. Still, it did remind me of a cinnamon roll and felt like a fun way to treat yourself for an easy breakfast (yes, cake for breakfast!!) or dessert treat.

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