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Pillsbury Crescent Rolls with Hershey’s, reviewed

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Pillsbury Crescent Rolls with Hershey's
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are a delicious and versatile product to work with, whether you are making a simple batch of dinner rolls for a weeknight dinner or getting creative in preparation for the Pillsbury Bake Off. Pillsbury recently released Pillsbury Crescent Rolls with Hershey’s, a little kit that includes chocolate sauce that will easily allow you to turn a package of dinner rolls into an indulgent brunch treat.

The package comes with a tube of crescent rolls and a packet of chocolate filling. The crescent rolls should be popped open and arranged on a baking sheet, then the filling is piped onto each one before it is rolled up. I recommend cutting only a small hole in your filling packet, or else you’ll risk running out of filling before you’re done with all the assembly. The chocolate filling tasted a bit like chocolate pudding – not a surprise, since sweetened condensed milk is one of the ingredients in it – and had a texture that was somewhere between chocolate frosting and chocolate syrup. It was thick, but fairly easy to squeeze out of the included package. The filling had a nice overall chocolate flavor and was not too sweet, allowing it to pair well with the buttery crescent rolls without dominating them.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls with Hershey's

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls with Hershey's, reviewed

The rolls baked up to be golden brown and the filling – with one small exception where I rolled my dough a bit crooked – stayed perfectly in place while in the oven. I was surprised and pleased that even my most over-filled crescent roll didn’t pop open! I drizzled a bit of leftover filling onto the rolls for decoration before giving them a taste. They were chocolaty and well-balanced, with the classic buttery flavor that you expect from a crescent roll. They weren’t as flaky as, say, a chocolate croissant, but they definitely got the job done – and did it well. The filling was flavorful and well-designed, and the rolls looked beautiful and were quite tasty.

Just for a bit of comparison, I placed pieces (1-inch x 1/2-inch) of dark chocolate into a few of the rolls to see how they would turn out. These rolls tasted delicious and held the chocolate well, but you didn’t get the wonderful swirl effect that you got from using the chocolate sauce, which is one of the nice things about this particular kit.

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  • melissa
    June 18, 2015

    I was really super disappointed with this product. Not enough chocolate for the amount of rolls included. Most of the chocolate ends up on your hands, and they tasted horrible. Messy, not chocolate-ly enough just a real let down.

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