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Guittard Super Cookie Chips, reviewed

Guittard Super Cookie Chips, reviewed

Chocolate chip cookies are a cookie jar staple and I make them on a regular basis – even if they’re in a lot of different sizes. Chocolate chips tend to come in just one size and, with a few exceptions, the only way to get some variety into your chocolate chip size is by cutting a bar of chocolate into chunks of your desired size by hand. Guittard’s Super Cookie Chips are an option for non-traditionally sized chocolate chips that you can pick up at the grocery store in the baking aisle. The chocolate chips are much larger and flatter than your average chocolate chip, designed to deliver a more chocolaty cookie experience.

The chips are irregular disc shapes and they cover a lot of area in each cookie. This means that you’re going to find much larger pockets of chocolate as you nibble your way through a batch of homemade cookies. They’re still made with semisweet chocolate, so they maintain their shape during baking and have a good balance of bittersweet cacaco and sweetness that works with just about every chocolate chip cookie recipes. They’re delicious.

Guittard Super Cookie Chips, reviewed

The packaging recommends doubling the amount of chocolate in your cookie recipe – or halving a conventional recipe if you’re using just one bag of their chips – to get the best cookie-to-chocolate ratio. This is both to deliver more chocolate and to produce a more attractive cookie. Since the chips are larger and flatter, there is a little bit more space between them if they are substituted directly for traditional chips. This means that your cookies may spread a bit more and you might actually end up with some bites that don’t have any chocolate. You can add two 10-oz bags of super chips or pair one bag with 1 1/2 cups of “regular” chocolate chips to get great looking cookies that have lots of chocolate in every bite. So in the end? I don’t mind having to add some extra chocolate chips and regularly bake half batches of chocolate chip cookies, so these are a great addition to my pantry and will probably be to yours, too.

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