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How to Make Honey Butter from Scratch

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How to Make Honey Butter from Scratch

Honey butter is one of the most delicious spreads you can have in your home and it is very easy to whip it up at home with the help of a food processor. Butters with flavorings added are called compound butters and they can be both sweet and savory. This one adds honey and salt to butter, for a spread that is especially good on things like toast, scones and biscuits.

You can make honey butter by stirring together softened butter and honey – and there are tons of recipes out there that will tell you how to do it. There are fewer recipes that will show you how to make butter from scratch and then turn it into honey butter! Making butter from scratch is easy and extremely satisfying. It starts with heavy cream and takes just 5-8 minutes in the food processor. The food processor will first whip the cream to stiff peaks (and if you want whipped cream, just stop there!), but as you keep the processor’s motor running, the cream will begin to form small curds and will eventually smooth out into butter. There will also be liquid buttermilk in the food processor, which should be strained off and can be saved for another recipe.

Once the butter is churned, there will be some excess buttermilk in with the butter itself. You will want to remove as much of the buttermilk as possible and there are a couple of ways to do that.

  • Option 1 is to drain the butter through a fine strainer, pressing it gently with a spatula. This is the least effective way to remove the buttermilk, but you can still get quite a bit out this way.
  • Option 2 is to press the butter with paper towels, blotting up excess liquid. You will need quite a few paper towels, but this method is very effective.
  • Option 3 is to put the butter into cheesecloth and squeeze it firmly until all the liquid has been removed. This is the best method and it is well worth picking up cheesecloth if you plan to make butter on a regular basis.

I frequently go for option 2 myself, as I always seem to be out of cheesecloth when I need it the most. As long as you get most of the buttermilk out – as the buttermilk will begin to spoil faster than the butter will and could cause it to develop off-flavors – you’ll be fine. And if you plan to eat the butter within a couple of days of making it, you don’t need to worry about the shelf life too much.

After the butter has been churned and drained, you can stir in the honey. The natural sweetness of the cream is so wonderful with the honey, and you’ll be surprised at how much flavor it has. This butter is also very good with a pinch of coarse salt added to it, though you can simply sprinkle the salt on top before serving and not try to incorporate it into the butter itself if you prefer to have the salt as an option. I can almost guarantee that once you give this from-scratch honey butter a try, you’ll find it on your table – and on your toast – on a regular basis.

How to Make Honey Butter from Scratch

Honey Butter from Scratch
2 cups heavy cream, cold
2 tbsp honey
1/4 tsp coarse kosher salt/sea salt (optional)

In a food processor, beat heavy cream on high. It will first form into whipped cream, then it will begin to curdle and butter will form on the blade. It takes 5-8 minutes, depending on your food processor.
Remove the butter from the food processor and drain off the buttermilk. Wrap the butter in paper towels and press into a log, blotting off as much excess moisture as possible, OR wrap the butter in cheesecloth and squeeze to drain off excess liquid.
Transfer butter to a bowl and add in honey. Stir with a spatula until honey is incorporated. If desired, add in salt. Pack butter into ramekins and serve immediately, or refrigerate until ready to use.

Makes about 2/3 cup.

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