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10 Easy Halloween Baking Ideas

Slasher Cupcakes for Horror Movie Fans

Halloween is largely about scares and sweets – at least, it certainly is in my book. I enjoy breaking out a variety of spooky decorations and taking my baked goods over-the-top for Halloween parties and other seasonal events. Halloween is a fun holiday and you should take that same attitude towards your desserts. These easy Halloween baking ideas, from cupcakes to cookies, will make sure everyone knows how DEADicated you were to making your Halloween party memorable.

Slasher Movie Cupcakes (above) – These cupcakes are an homage to all those classic slasher films that get rerun every Halloween and never fail to give me goosebumps. The decoration is easy to make and a touch of Edible Blood gives them the perfect gory look. Not only are the cupcakes irresistible, but I have a feeling that this “blood” also tastes better than some of the concoctions that they used in older horror flicks, too.

Baking Bites' Vampire Cupcakes

Vampire Cupcakes – This recipe is a classic that I’ve been making for years and have yet to tire of. They’re vanilla cupcakes with a cherry “blood” filling that oozes out when you take a bite. They’re great for Halloween and can be served year-round to vampire fans when you’re screening your favorite fang-tastic films. I also have a video tutorial that will walk you through the process of making them.

Vampire Whoopie Pies

Vampire Whoopie Pies  – These soft, cream-filled snack cakes are just as much fun to eat as the vampire cupcakes – and they might even be easier to make! The tender pies are made with vanilla cakes sandwiched together with a vanilla buttercream that hides a “bloody” surprise for anyone who dares take a bite!!

Mmm...Brains! Cupcakes

Blood Brains Cupcakes – These cupcakes will have you (and the zombie-fans in your home) saying “mmm… brains” and actually meaning it! The cupcakes are filled with a delicious raspberry filling that compliments the cake very well. I used a white cake, however you can easily use your favorite chocolate cupcake in this recipe with equally delicious results.

Halloween Confetti Cupcakes

Halloween Confetti Cupcakes – This seasonal twist on Funfetti cupcakes involves stirring some Halloween-colored sprinkles into my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe. The resulting cupcakes have a pop of color that gives your guests a delightful surprise without requiring much extra effort from you. They’re a great choice if you’re pressed for time and want to make a dessert that looks like it required a lot of effort – or if you simply want to use up that container of green and purple sprinkles before Halloween is over.

Mini Candy Corn Cupcakes!

Candy Corn Cupcakes– Serve these orange and yellow cupcakes upside down with a dollop of frosting on the bottom to give them the triangular shape of traditional candy corn. The colorful cupcakes always attract oohs-and-aahs, even from those who aren’t usually candy corn fans.

Candy Corn Oreo Ice Cream

Candy Corn Oreo Ice Cream – This is a great recipe because it can be adapted to any of those fun seasonal Oreo cookie flavors, from the simple black and orange Halloween Oreos to the funky Pumpkin Spice cookies. It’s a no-churn ice cream that can be put together in just a few minutes (though you will need to allow freezing time for it to set up) and the finished ice cream tastes like cookies n’ cream with a holiday twist.

Spiderweb Cheesecake

Spiderweb Cheesecake – Cheesecake never goes out of season, but it’s not the kind of dessert that you might think about decorating for a holiday. This design is piped on top of the cheesecake before baking, turning a classic into a spectacularly spooky dessert in seconds. It is baked in a chocolate crumb crust to give it a nice black and white look, as well as an extra dose of chocolate. Pick up some spider-shaped candies – or a couple of those plastic spider rings – to act as garnish before serving.

Halloween Monster Whoopie Pies

Halloween Monster Whoopie Pies – Another whoopie pie idea comes in the form of these colorful monsters. They’re just as cute as they are scary, with colorful mops of hair and marshmallow teeth grinning out up at you. They’re fun to put together and easy to serve. The recipe makes a relatively small batch, but you can easily double it if you need to serve them to a crowd. Kids will love shaping the teeth and helping to decorate them!

Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispie Treats

Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispy Treats – Cereal bars aren’t just for kids and this pumpkin spice batch will have everyone in your house wanting seconds. The bars are made with pumpkin spice marshmallows and sit on a graham cracker crust, capturing all the flavors of a classic pumpkin pie in a whole new way.

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    Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I just found you blog and have spent the last hour book marking recipes. Thanks for all of your hard work I look forward to following you.

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