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Trader Joe’s Black Forest Cupcake Black Tea, reviewed

Trader Joe's Black Forest Cupcake Black Tea, reviewed
When I think of tea, I don’t usually think of dessert – though when I think of dessert, I often think of pairing it with tea. This Black Forest Cupcake Tea from Trader Joe’s, however, just might qualify as both. The dessert-inspired black tea is made with cocoa bean shells, carob, chicory, sasparilla and other spicy, chocolate flavors. As a fan of the classic chocolate and cherry dessert, taste testing this tea seemed like a no-brainer to me.

The bagged tea comes in a lovely tin and brews up beautifully. The chocolate flavors really come through in both aroma and flavor, well-balanced with the black tea. Along with all the chocolate elements, the tea contains (of course) black tea leaves, along with hibiscus flower and licorice. The hibiscus flowers add a floral, slightly tart note that is reminiscent of cherries, though they don’t quite capture the flavor of the cherries exactly. While the tea doesn’t nail the flavor of the traditional cake recipe, it is extremely delicious and is an excellent dessert tea. As you might imagine, it pairs well with just about any chocolate dessert you might want to serve with it and the subtle floral flavors from the hibiscus make it a good match for fruity desserts. I prefer it black or with a little sugar, but it could certainly stand up to a splash of cream if you want to give it a go.

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