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Bites from other BlogsWhen spring rolls around, I want to get outside and start enjoying the change in the weather. Here in Los Angeles, we’ve been getting some warm weather this week, which has put me in the mood to invites some friends over for an outdoor brunch. These brunch-friendly recipes will get you inspired to do the same!

  • I am a big fan of donut muffins, which are muffins that have a sugary coating that gives them a surprisingly donut-like finish with no frying required. Food Fanatic‘s Blueberry Jelly Donut Holes are sure to be a hit if you’re a jelly donut fan, as they’re generously filled with flavorful blueberry preserves. You can experiment with other flavors of jelly, too, so pick up some strawberry if you prefer a jelly filling that is more similar to what you’d find in a donut from your local shop!
  • You can never go wrong with banana bread as long as you have a wide variety of different flavors to choose for each loaf. Just a Taste‘s Chocolate Banana Bread is a simple variation on a traditional banana bread that loads it up with plenty of rich chocolate flavor. The sour cream-enriched bread uses a generous scoop of cocoa powder to give it a deep color and bittersweet chocolate flavor, and it’s packed with chocolate chips. A dessert-like take on banana bread.
  • Dizzy Busy and Hungry whipped up a Butterscotch French Toast Bake that is a great weekend dessert. The oven-baked french toast requires minimal prep and can be pur together in advance, leaving you with a rich, sweet breakfast casserole to enjoy with friends and family – and no time spent working over the stove.
  • Recipe Throwback: English muffins, with their nooks and crannies, make delicious toast. I like them all, but I’m partial to cinnamon raisin, since the aromatic cinnamon is especially wonderful after toasting. My Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin Bread is a very easy twist on traditional English muffins that yields some outstanding toast, as well. The loaf requires minimal handling and rises beautifully in the oven after a very short prep time.

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