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  • I’ve had upside down cakes made with all different kinds of fruit before, but I’ve never had a Coconut Upside Down Cake like the one that Cookie Madness recently tried. This is an old fashioned recipe, adapted from a vintage cookbook that looks just as good today as it did back then. The cake batter is light and fluffy, and it is poured over a mixture of coconut, brown sugar and butter that lines the base of the pan. The cake is baked with the coconut mixture at the bottom, but it is flipped upside down so that the coconut layer becomes the topping when the cake has finished baking. It’s not your usual coconut cake, but it looks good, has an addictive looking topping, and is very easy for a coconut-lover to make.
  • With all the summer berries that are now in season, it never hurts to have an extra recipe that will help put them to good use. Baking Serendipity made a beautiful Strawberry Blueberry Galette with Whipped Cream Vodka Pie Crust that is a perfect example of a berry dessert. The open-faced tart starts with a flaky and tender homemade pie crust dough that is rolled out onto a large circle. Rather than being pressed into a pie plate, the crust is placed into a cast iron skillet and then piled high with berry filling. The skillet goes directly into the oven and gives the crust a nice browning as it bakes, and it makes a for a lovely presentation when you’re ready to serve.
  • Chocolate mint fans will not hesitate to try the Mint Oreo Cake from Yammie’s Noshery. The cake is a devil’s food layer cake that is frosted with minty cream cheese frosting. The oreo part comes in when mint chocolate oreos are crushed and added to that frosting to give the filling for the cake even more of a chocolate-mint flavor, as well as adding a nice crunchy texture. The oreos also make fun decorations for the cake, and give this one a polka-dot look as they stud the sides of the cake. This idea would be easy to try with non-mint oreos, too, for a cookies n’ cream variation.
  • Chocolate and caramel and brownies – oh my! These three elements are what you will get a lot of in Bakingdom‘s Rolo Brownie Trifles, an over the top dessert that chocolate-lovers will go crazy for. The trifles are made with layers of brownies, rolo candies, salted caramel sauce and chocolate whipped cream. The brownies are studded with lots of pieces of chopped up Rolos – caramel-filled chocolate candies – before baking, so they also have a chocolate-caramel flavor baked in. Chopped brownies are layered on top of the chocolate whipped cream in an individual serving glass, then topped with more rolos and lots of caramel sauce. Keep going with as many layers as you can pack into your glass and you are ready for a very indulgent dessert.

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