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Nordic Ware Anniversary and Juibilee Loaf Pans

Nordic Ware Juibilee and Anniversary Loaf Pans
Loaf cakes don’t usually get the spotlight on the dessert table the way that layer cakes and bundt cakes do. They can be delicious, but sometimes their relatively plain appearance leads to the assumption that the loaf is a bit boring, as well. You can dress up a loaf cake by adding a drizzle of glaze or a swirl of frosting. Or you could pick up a fancier loaf pan that will bake a design directly onto your dessert! The The Jubilee Loaf Pan (top right) and the Anniversary Loaf Pan (top left) from Nordic Ware are two new examples of pans that will up your loaf cake game. Each pan, cast in heavy duty aluminum, has an elegant design on one side, just like the design you would find on a bundt pan. Also like a bundt cake, loaves baked in these pans are designed to be served upside down so that the design is visible when the cake is served and sliced.

The Anniversay pan has a design that is reminiscent of a starburst, while the Juibilee pan has an even more complex design that features a series of interlocking rings at each end. Both pans will produce cakes that need no adornment, but they also provide plenty of nooks and crannies to catch glaze if you want to add a drizzle to your cake before serving. As usual with pans like these, you should grease and flour before adding your batter to ensure that you get a clean release every time, even though the interiors of the pans are nonstick.

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