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How to Eat a Tim Tam

How to Eat a Tim Tam

Tim Tams are one of my favorite packaged cookies. They have two crisp wafer cookies sandwiching a mousse-like chocolate filling, and the whole cookie is enrobed in milk chocolate. They’re indulgent and satisfying to eat. That being said, some ways are better ways to eat a Tim Tam than others and the best way (perhaps the only way) is to do a Tim Tam Slam. I first learned about this technique quite a while ago when I was introduced to Tim Tams by some Australian friends.

To do a Tim Tam Slam, you first prepare a cup of hot coffee. A mocha is also a good option, as is hot chocolate, if you don’t want any coffee in your drink. Next, bite off opposite corners of one of the cookies. Don’t bite too much, but make sure to reveal the layers inside the chocolate coating.

How to do a Tim Tam Slam

Place one of the bitten-off corners in your cup of coffee/hot chocolate and then suck the liquid through the other open corner of the cookie, treating the cookie like a chocolate mousse-filled straw. The result should be a delicious flood of chocolate into your mouth, as the hot liquid melts the center of the Tim Tam.

How to do a Tim Tam Slam

The crispy wafers will soften after coming into contact with the coffee, so you can only get one good slurp out of each cookie before having to just give in and eat the rest of it. I’m partial to the classic Tim Tams myself, but they come in a variety of flavors and you can perform this maneuver with every single flavor. It can be a little bit messy if the cookie melts too much, but the “Tim Tam Slam” is unquestionably the best way to eat a Tim Tam.

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1 Comment
  • Lauren
    January 13, 2017

    My Australian husband calls this a Tim Tam Bomb. So glad it’s making it to mainstream America!!

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