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Nestle Triple Chip Morsels, reviewed

Nestle Triple Chip Morsels
Semisweet chocolate chips are the chip of choice for most bakers in most recipes, whether we’re talking about cookies or cakes. Semisweet chocolate chips are actually dark chocolate, meaning that they don’t have any dairy added to them, but they do typically have a slightly higher sugar content than other dark chocolates (including chocolate chips sold as “dark chocolate”) that makes them a bit sweeter and helps them hold their shape inside of cookie dough during baking. There are lots of chocolate chip options out there these days, however, and multiple options means you might be torn between using classic semisweet chips and something a little different. IF you like variety, Nestle’s new Triple Chip Morsels might just do the trick. This package contains not one, but three different types of chips: dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips and white chips.

The bag contains equal parts of all three baking chip types, leaving you with a nice variety in any batch of cookies or brownies. The dark chocolate chips are a bit larger than the milk and white chips, which makes them stand out a little more. Since the latter two chips tend to be a little on the sweet side in some recipes, drawing a little extra addition to the dark chocolate isn’t a bad thing here. The white chips aren’t made of chocolate, meaning that they don’t contain any cocoa butter. This is very common with white baking chips sold in grocery stores and, honestly, the chips still have a nice vanilla flavor and make a great addition to white “chocolate” macadamia nut cookies. I wouldn’t use them for melting down to make truffles, but this bag of chips is intended to be mixed into cookies and cakes, not used for confectionery applications, so I’m absolutely fine with them here.

I like the fact that this package makes it so easy to add some variety to your baked goods, rather than forcing you to buy multiple bags of chips and have several partially-opened bags leftover after baking. The 10-oz bag is just the right size for a batch of chocolate chip cookies or two batches (8/9-inch pans) of brownies. It will also allow you to break out of the rut of using semisweet for everything and let you try a few new chip flavors in a favorite recipe.

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