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Gingerbread Cookies n’ Cream, a Holiday Cocktail

Gingerbread Season Cocktail
Homemade infused spirits and liqueurs are some of my favorite things to make around the holidays. They’re easy because they’re a very hands-off project (you only need to plan a little extra time for them to age) and they make great gifts for cocktail-loving friends. If you take the time to make your own infusions, you’re going to want to have some cocktail recipes to use them in! This Gingerbread Cookies n’ Cream cocktail is designed to work with my Gingerbread Rum. The flavored rum is made by adding some molasses and a lot of spices to an aged rum. You get a pretty intense flavor by using whole spices and fresh ginger, so the flavor carries through well into any drink you might want to make with it.

This cocktail is really easy to make and it reminds me of eating gingerbread cookies with a big glass of milk! It only uses three ingredients: the gingerbread rum, Frangelico and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Fragelico is a hazelnut liqueur that has a great toasted nut flavor. It lends a buttery, “freshly baked” sort of flavor to the gingerbread rum. It is fairly sweet on its own, too, so it sweetens up the not-too-sweet rum. Bailey’s adds creaminess and body to the drink, as well as a bit of vanilla and chocolate that blend nicely with the other elements. Simply combine all the ingredients over ice, give it a stir and serve!

Be sure to have some gingerbread cookies on hand when you make this drink, as it goes especially well with them. If you are making this for a gift, write up the cocktail recipe on a card and tie it around the neck of a bottle as part of the present!

Gingerbread Cookies n’ Cream
1 1/2 oz gingerbread rum
1/2 oz frangelico
1 oz bailey’s

Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice. Stir for a few seconds to combine, then serve.

Makes 1

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