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Zombie Baking Cups

Zombie Baking Cups
When you have an occasion or holiday coming up, it’s nice to be able to make your cupcakes stand out by serving them in a fun wrapper. I have pumpkin wrappers for Halloween, snowflake wrappers for Christmas and confetti wrappers for birthdays, all of which help give my cupcakes – even simple chocolate cupcakes – a festive look. If you want to get really creative this Halloween, skip the paper wrappers and go for a set of Zombie Baking Cups instead. The baking cups are made of silicone and are oven safe up to 450F. You simply fill the cups with the batter of your choice – fill 2/3 or 3/4 full, depending on your recipe – then place the cups on a baking sheet and bake. They’re sturdy enough to stand on their own. Once baked, just allow them to cool. They can be frosted and served right out of the zombie cups!

Since this set is only sold in sets of 4, you might consider buying a couple of them if you want to be able to serve everyone at your Walking Dead-themed Halloween party cupcake “brains.” If you don’t mind only having some cupcakes in the baking cups, you can bake the rest of your recipe off in more traditional wrappers and use these as accent pieces. The baking time should be just about the same. I highly recommend making my Brain Cupcakes, as I can’t think of a more perfect filling.

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