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Wilton Halloween Eyes Easy Cookie Pan

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Halloween Eyes Easy Decorate Cookie Pan
When I was a kid, one of my favorite Halloween decorations were a set of monster eye window decals, which I would stick all over the front windows of the house to look creepily out over any trick or treaters that might come to the door. I used that set for years, until it got lost in a remodel, but I still remember those cartooney eyes when the Halloween season rolls around. There probably are some window decal sets out there that you can pick up, but you can also pick up a Wilton Halloween Eyes Easy Cookie Pan and bake some!

The pan has six shallow cavities, each with its own unique pair of eyes. Simply press your cookie dough down into the cavity – I recommend a sugar cookie or butter cookie dough, as that will allow the design to come through clearly – and bake until golden. The nonstick pan will release the cookies easily and you can decorate them as you like when they have cooled. Like the decals that I used to use, I recommend using bold colors like bright green, orange and purple for a very ghoulish look, though you can go for any color scheme you like. The impressions in the pan are clear and easy to see in the finished cookies, so you can even leave them undecorated if you prefer a more understated look. You may have to bake your cookies in batches, so let the pan cool completely (it cools quickly) before refilling it.

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