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8 Ghastly Goodies to Try This Halloween

Fudge Monster Cookies

Halloween is one of the most fun baking holidays, though many simply associate it with store-bought candy, because you can really get creative with the treats that you put together. Spooky sugar decorations and edible “blood” can turn something ordinary into something that is not only delicious, but delightfully frightening, as well! These treats will help set the mood at your Halloween bash.

Fudge Monster Cookies (above) – Studded with spooky candy eyes, these rich and chocolaty cookies will seem to watch you wherever you go in the kitchen… until you eat them, that is. The cookies are easy to make and have a brownie-like texture that will melt in your mouth.

Slasher Cupcakes for Horror Movie Fans

Slasher Movie Cupcakes – These cupcakes are an homage to all those classic slasher films that get rerun every Halloween and never fail to give me goosebumps. The decoration is easy to make and a touch of Edible Blood gives them the perfect gory look. Not only are the cupcakes irresistible, but I have a feeling that this “blood” also tastes better than some of the concoctions that they used in older horror flicks, too.

Vampire Whoopie Pies

Vampire Whoopie Pies  – These soft, cream-filled snack cakes are just as much fun to eat as the vampire cupcakes – and they might even be easier to make! The tender pies are made with vanilla cakes sandwiched together with a vanilla buttercream that hides a “bloody” surprise for anyone who dares take a bite!!

Brain Cupcakes with Raspberry Filling

Blood Brains Cupcakes – These cupcakes will have you (and the Walking Dead or iZombie fans in your home) saying “mmm… brains” and actually meaning it! The cupcakes are filled with a delicious raspberry filling that compliments the cake very well. If you don’t tell your guests there is filling before you serve them, your guests will likely be both surprised an impressed with these.

Panna Cotta Brains

Yogurt Panna Cotta Brains with Raspberry Filling – You will need to track down a brain-shaped mold to make these, but the effort of an extra trip to the party store is well worth it for the finished look on these delightfully creepy panna cottas. These delicate custards burst open to reveal a sweet-tart raspberry center when you go to take a bite. It’s an amazing effect.

Zombie Graveyard Cake

Zombie Graveyard Cake – Keeping with the Zombie theme, this cake is a great choice for serving a big crowd, as this is is a colorful dessert option that isn’t too scary. The sheet cake is swirling with bright, yet still Halloween-appropriate, colors and is topped with a “dirt” crumb graveyard that you can decorate any way you want to. Kids will love putting tombstones, candy corn pumpkins and candy bones in place to bring the scene to life.

Milky Way Midnight Lava Cake

Halloween Candy Lava Cakes are my favorite way to use up those mini candy bars. They’re a twist on a classic molten chocolate cake with a filling that you won’t find in the standard recipe. Any chocolate bar will work, but I prefer those with caramel and nougat centers (such as Snickers, Milky Way, etc.) that get perfectly melty in the oven as the cake bakes.

Cinnamon Cookie Bones, served with "Blood" Dipping Sauce

Cinnamon Cookies with “Blood” Dipping Sauce – I bet you didn’t know that fake blood could be delicious, but it is when it is made with sweet-tart raspberries! These tender shortbread cookies are spiced with cinnamon and only get better when dipped in the accompanying sauce. This is an easy finger-food type dessert to serve for a crowd.

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