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Pumpkin Covered Pie Dish

Pumpkin Covered Pie Dish
The start of fall means that pumpkin desserts and pies start to take center stage on the dessert table. It also means that stores are coming out with a wide variety of fall and pumpkin-themed products for baking and cooking. I try to restrain myself from filling my kitchen up with too many of these goodies, even though they’re always cute, because I don’t have room to store a whole set of pans, measuring cups, bowls and other goodies for every single holiday and season (not yet, anyway). That said, I do give in when a seasonal pan is cute and practical. This Pumpkin Covered Pie Dish is one of those dishes. The stoneware has two parts, a pie plate base and a pumpkin-shaped lid. Pies, side dishes and other goodies can all be baked inside the base, then covered with the lid for easy transport and an attractive presentation. In the case of sides and dishes served warm, the lid can help retain heat and insulate your food. The dish is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, as well as oven safe to over 425F (hot enough for a perfect pie crust!), too.

Pumpkin pie is, of course, an obvious choice to serve in this dish. If baking a pie, take care that the crust doesn’t run over the edge of the base, so that the lid fits on neatly. Roasted pumpkin, sweet potatoes and similar dishes are good savory options for this dish. And if all else fails, you can simply leave it out on your table as an attractive centerpiece during the season!

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  • Lavues
    September 21, 2016

    Thanks for the great tips! Love your blog!

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