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Bites from other BlogsWhen September rolls around, you know that fall is near. Stone fruits are in season and berries are on their way out, though the berries that are still around tend to be wonderfully sweet. These recipes are packed with fruit and all are a great choice for some end-of-the-season baking!!

  • Blossom to Stem‘s Blackberry Peach Dutch Baby is what you’re serving up next Sunday for brunch. I love this style of pancake, with its crisp outer edge and custardy interior, and this one is made even more delicious because sauteed peaches and blackberries are cooked right into the batter. The pancake is large enough to serve four and only needs to be topped with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar to let the full flavor of the fruit come through.
  • The same combination of fruits makes an appearance in The Full Helping‘s Blackberry Peach Skillet Cake. This easy to make cake is part upside down cake, part fruit cobbler, and it is served directly from the pan that it is baked in. The cake is flavored with vanilla and gets its extra-moist texture from a generous addition of applesauce. The berries (you can use fresh or frozen) are combined in the base of the skillet before the cake is added, where they bubble up during baking.
  • If you have plums in your kitchen, the Plum Cake with Streusel from Plated Cravings is a recipe that is well worth a look. This simple cake is loaded with fresh plums, which are beautifully arranged in the cake batter to create a generous layer of fruit, which not only ensures that you get some in every bite, but gives each slice of cake a colorful look. The fruit is topped with a buttery crumble mixture that is reminiscent of the topping on a fruit crisp. Serve this up for dessert or for brunch!
  • Recipe Throwback: Stone fruits are in season and there is no better way to enjoy them than in this Plum and Peach Cobbler. I first shared the recipe back in 2012 and still make it every year (at least twice!). The dish is easy to make and ridiculously delicious, highlighting the natural flavors of perfectly ripe fruit with a buttery vanilla topping.

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