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Bites from other Blogs

  • Tiramisu is a dessert that I always enjoy making for dinner parties because it is a great make ahead dessert – but that also means that you can’t whip it up at the last minute and get the same results. If you’re working on a shorter timeline, Crazy for Crust‘s Tiramisu Cookie Cups will deliver the flavor you’re looking for in single-serving portions. These are made with sugar cookie cups and are filled with a coffee-flavored cream cheese mousse. It might not be the same format, but you’ll get the same creamy coffee flavors.
  • You don’t need much more than a bunch of fresh rhubarb to make the Rhubarb Galette from Living Tastefully. The free-form tart is piled high with fresh pink rhubarb, which looks beautiful and tastes even better. The buttery crust is a nice contrast for the tender rhubarb after baking, and generous slices are served with a lightly sweetened sour cream topping. This tart is best on the day that it is baked, but I have a feeling that it will go very fast if you have a couple of friends to help you eat it.
  • If you still have more rhubarb to use up, Kitchen Sanctuary baked up a Rhubarb and Amaretti Tart that is another nice addition to a spring menu. This cake-like tart is made with ground almonds and crushed amaretti biscuits, which give the cake a nice almond flavor and a moist, tender crumb. Slices of rhubarb are placed on top of the cake before baking, but you could easily adapt this recipe to work with other spring berries if you don’t have any rhubarb on hand or you simply used it up making a galette.
  • Recipe Throwback: If you’re the type of baker who always eats a few chocolate chips right out of the bag, you’ll love these Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies with Chocolate Chip Buttercream Filling! These soft cookies are studded with chocolate chips and there are even more to be found inside. Not only do you get a nice chocolate and vanilla flavor combination here, you get a little crunch from the chips that contrasts with the sweet, creamy filling.

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