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What are Pink Lemons?

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What are Pink Lemons?
Most pink lemonades are made by adding food coloring or other fruit juices to lemon juice – but did you know that there are actually pink lemons that produce pink juice naturally? Pink lemons are not a hybrid fruit, unlike Meyer lemons, but are a variety of Eureka lemons, which are the “everyday” lemons that you’ll find in every supermarket. Pink lemons have yellow and green striped rinds and a light pink flesh and juice. As the fruit matures even more, the stripes will become less prominent (and some will end up with a yellow and faint pink stripe pattern) and the flesh of the fruit will become somewhat deeper in color. The lemons are fragrant, but generally have the same flavor as “regular” lemons and can be used in the same types of recipes. That said, the best recipes to use them in are those that will be able to showcase the unique color of the lemons, like real pink lemonade and lemony cocktails. If you’re using the juice in a beverage, save the zest for baking.

These lemons aren’t as widely available as some other types of lemon. They are less well-known and the trees that produce them are less prolific than some others. I stumbled upon some at Trader Joe’s, but you might be able to find them at local farmers’ markets, especially if there are a number of citrus producers in your area.

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