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Baker’s Edge Simple Lasagna Pan, reviewed

Baker’s Edge Lasagna Pan, reviewed

I am a big fan of the Baker’s Edge pan, which I have had for a number of years and use frequently to make bar cookies and cakes (especially coffee cakes). I don’t use mine for savory dishes, but it turns out that the design was very popular with fans of lasagna and baked pasta dishes because it was so easy to serve straight from the pan. So, the Baker’s Edge people came up with the Simple Lasagna Pan, which is a deep-dish variation of the classic edge pan designed especially for – you guessed it – lasagna.

I recently tried out the pan and can definitely say it a number of benefits. It is easy to stack up all your layers neatly and it is very easy to slice the finished dish, because the lasagna isn’t able to ooze all over the place when you cut into it with a knife. The pan is heavy cast aluminum and is nonstick (it comes with a nonstick-friendly spatula that is the perfect size to fit in the pan), so it is easy to get your food out, as well as easy to clean. The deep-dish design lets you make heartier dishes without overflowing the pan.

The only real drawback I found was that my usual brands of lasagna (fresh noodles and some dried Italian brands) don’t fit in the pan! You need a long, thin lasagna noodle (should be available at most grocery stores since most “big” brands make these, but probably not available at “gourmet” stores where 7×3.5 or so is a more typical size) to make this pan work. Otherwise, the pan works well. Since you can make anything that would fit in the regular Baker’s Edge pan in this one, too, if you do more savory baking you might want to stick with this model to start out with.

Note: This Beef, Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna works out very well in this deep-dish pan, and a classic Meat Lasagna is a good choice, too.

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  • Lasagna Recipe
    May 11, 2010

    Funny because I’ve never tried one of these. I was quite content with my deep lasagna dish and my other ceramic dishes at home until my friend keeps on raving about this pan. Hmmm, it might worth a try, I’ll probably ask my mother to buy it for me on my birthday, lol!

  • Rav
    May 12, 2010

    Got this as a b’day present and I did cook using this. It works fabulous. It has it’s own limitations but I enjoyed cooking with it.

  • Kris
    May 12, 2010

    How is this different from the old Baker’s Edge pan? Are the dimensions different? Because it looks exactly the same. Can’t say I’d ever thought to put lasagna in it, but I’ve make cornbread and coffee cake in it successfully.

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