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Nordic Ware Mini Citrus Loaf Pan

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Nordic Ware Mini Citrus Loaf Pan
Mini loaves are fun for entertaining because they’re cute and easy to serve. They’re also excellent for gift-giving, as they can be easily wrapped up before delivery. They also bake up more quickly than full size loaf cakes, which means that you’ll be able to take a bite of that freshly baked cake in almost no time at all. I’ve used a wide variety of mini loaf pans and tend to prefer pans that allow me to bake several mini loaves at once, like this Nordic Ware Mini Citrus Loaf Pan. The heavy-duty cast aluminum pan has three individual loaf molds in it, each with a slightly different citrus fruit pattern. Simply divide the batter for your favorite citrus loaf cake into each of the cavities – lightly greased and floured to ensure that you get all that lovely detail when the cakes are done – and bake until a toothpick comes out clean.

Of course, I recommend any loaf cake recipe that uses a lot of fresh citrus juice if you are using a pan like this one. My Meyer Lemon Coconut Bread is always a favorite in my kitchen. Though I often bake Orange Cranberry Bread for the holidays, it is a tasty option any time for orange-lovers. And because I don’t want to forget about limes, aLime & Cherry Loaf Cake is one more recipe you can add to your “to-bake” list.

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