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Bites from other BlogsI just purchased my first eggnog of the season and have been enjoying every drop of it. I typically make my own eggnog – using my recipe for The Best Homemade Eggnog – but storebought ‘nog is tasty in a pinch and perfect to keep on hand for holiday baking. This is a ‘nog themed BfoB to get you in the holiday baking spirit!

  • Sticky Spatula fried up some Eggnog Donut Holes that just might be the perfect addition to a holiday brunch. The bite-sized donuts are made with plenty of fresh eggnog and are seasoned with vanilla and nutmeg. After frying, they are rolled in cinnamon sugar to give them a bit of extra sweetness and a delightfully crunchy exterior.
  • Oatmeal cookie pies – or whoopie pies made with soft oatmeal cookies – were a favorite treat of mine growing up and I enjoy them to this day. You can find a holiday twist on them in the form of Gingerbread Oatmeal Eggnog Pies over at Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. These seasonal pies feature gingerbread spiced oatmeal cookies sandwiching an eggnog-flavored marshmallow cream filing. The flavoring in the filling actually comes from a candy flavoring, which is a very intense extract used to flavor hard candies, taffies and other treats where you can’t add in a lot of liquid to get the flavor you need. The flavoring adds the perfect eggnog touch to every bite.
  • You’ll find a lot of holiday flavors in Life Made Sweeter‘s Peppermint Eggnog Cupcakes. This recipe starts with buttermilk chocolate cupcakes which are spiked with peppermint extract. The cupcakes are topped with an eggnog buttercream that is seasoned with cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg. As if that weren’t decadent enough, they’re drizzled with melted chocolate and sprinked with crushed peppermint candies before serving. They’re beautiful to look at and pack a lot of holiday flavor into every bite.
  •  The simple Eggnog Cookies from My Organized Chaos are sure to be a hit at any holiday cookie exchange. The soft cookies not only have eggnog in the batter, but they also have hints of nutmeg, cinnnamon, vanilla and rum. They’re good on their own, but you can bring in even more eggnog flavor my topping them with a layer of cream eggnog icing. The frosted cookies almost look too pretty to eat – so I might just consider turning them in to sandwich cookies instead!

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