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Nordic Ware Coffee Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Coffee Cake Pan
Coffee cakes can be baked in a variety of pans, from sheet pans to loaf pans to tube pans, depending on the look that you want your finished cake to have. Nordic Ware’s Coffee Cake Pan is a newer option from the well-known bakeware brand and it is designed with coffee cakes in mind. The pan great size and shape for streusel-topped cakes, as well as for a variety of other baked goods that you might ordinarily bake in a tube pan, such as monkey breads. While the pan is 10 1/2-inches across, similar to a standard tube pan, it is only 3 1/2 inches high. This depth allows the pan to accommodate a high-rising cake and a generous amount of streusel topping without making that cake difficult to get out of the pan. While many tube pans have removable bottoms, they are very deep and it can be difficult to handle a tender cake when trying to slide it out in one piece. Not only will the height make it easier (and quicker) to slide your cake out and onto a serving plate, but the pan has a nonstick interior that should prevent it from sticking.

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