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Nordic Ware Heritage Loaf Pan

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Nordic Ware Heritage Loaf Pan
Loaf pans are the workhorses of the kitchen. They turn out the same style of cake day after day, with little variation. I like the classic loaf pan look, but there are times when you want something a little fancier and reach for a larger, more stylized pan – such as a bundt pan – instead. The Nordic Ware Heritage Loaf Pan is intended to give your favorite quick bread recipe a facelift. The heavy duty cast aluminum pan is made with the same process than Nordic Ware’s iconic bundt pans are. The pans are heavy and designed to ensure that your baked goods bake through evenly every time. The interior of this pan is nonstick, which is a good thing considering that it has a tremendous amount of detail. Though the nonstick finish is high quality, I still recommend greasing and flouring a pan with this many little grooves to ensure that your loaf looks picture-perfect when it comes out.

The pan measures 11 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 2 3/4-inches, making it slightly longer and somewhat shallower than a standard loaf pan. This means that your baking times may need to be adjusted down by a few minutes to prevent overbaking. That said, the capacity is the same as a standard sized bundt pan, so you should have no problem transition favorite recipes from one pan style to another. The loaf should be served upside down so that the design of the pan is showcased. It is pretty enough to leave it undecorated, however a simple glaze is an easy way to add extra flavor to your recipe without taking away from the design. Try to present your loaf whole if you are entertaining, then slice it up for serving after everyone has gotten a good look at it.

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  • sudhakar
    August 5, 2015

    NO pictures of the results? It also looks like a trilobite.

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