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Wilton Heart Tasty Fill Cake Set

Wilton Heart Tasty Fill Cake Set

You don’t need a specialty pan to bake a cake shaped like a heart. All you really need is a sharp knife and a regular cake pan and you can simply trim down a round or square cake to be a little more romantic. This is an easy fix if your kitchen space is limited and you don’t want to clutter it up with pans you don’t use often enough. If you do have room for another pan that would be ideal for Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions, try picking up the Wilton Heart Tasty Fill Cake Set instead of an ordinary heart-shaped pan.

The Wilton Heart Tasty Fill Cake Set makes a fairly plain looking cake that has a surprise inside: a heart-shaped tunnel that can be filled with ice cream, whipped cream, fruit, frosting or any other filling you can dream up. The pan is designed to bake a round cake in two halves, one with the bottom point of a heart and another with the top domes. When the cake is baked and the pieces stacked together, you will be able to see the heart in every slice. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

For instructions on how to use this pan, along with a recipe, check out this post!

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  • Kenzie
    February 5, 2010

    I likey!!!!!!

  • sevenmarie
    February 5, 2010

    I have this pan (it was given to me as a birthday present) and the only thing about it is you have to be sure you FILL UP those cavities (I’m not even kidding like you want slightly rounded mounds of filling in there) or the “heart” is more of a blobby circle.

    Also, I usually just grease my pans but the 1st time I used this I greased AND floured and for some reason that made the cake stick to the pan REALLY BAD!

    but when you do it right it is a nice effect. I like to stick with a mousse of some sort since that is a LOT of filling. It’s real nice for birthdays and baby/wedding showers.

  • sugar plum fairy
    February 5, 2010

    So cutey pie…love it…

  • Anna
    February 7, 2010

    That is so cute.

    We bought a Big Top Cupcake Pan (not by Wilton) the other day and our first Big Top Cupcake was a disaster. The cake broke in 3 or 4 places when I tried to take it out of the silicone pan. I’m going to give it one more chance.

  • Turning Winds
    February 8, 2010

    How lovely it is to see this heart shaped tasty cake. It is really pretty sweet. Wonderful thing to have for this valentine’s day.

  • Susan
    February 11, 2010

    How high is the ultimate baking pan?
    Your picture is a nice Valentine’s day idea.
    How I do the heart in the middle?

  • Kari
    April 3, 2010

    Im having a rough time with this cake pan.. I just don’t quite understand which side Im filling and how far I am filling it.. Help?

  • Elke
    January 15, 2011

    Kari, I had the same problem, and my husband and I tried to figure it out. Wilton’s instructions in the book are useless. I discovered that on the pictures that show them stacking the cake, each cake had a little “post” sticking up in the middle; therefore, you pour the batter into the sides that have the concave indentation in the middle so the cake can go in there. I hope this helps

  • parkhurst
    May 12, 2012

    This is hard! I am writing this comment while trying to make this cake. We keep messing up! We don’t know what side to use. Now someone smart pleaseeeeeeee post a comment about how to use this!
    I wish anyone who tries this luck!

  • parkhurst
    May 13, 2012

    Hey,this is a comment replying to my earlier comment about not knowing how to use this pan!Well we learned (kinda)

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