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Jack Daniel’s Cookbook

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Jack Daniel's CookbookA short drive from Nashville sits Lynchburg, Tennessee. Lynchburg is a tiny town that has only two real claims to fame: the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House. The distillery is known world-wide for producing Tennessee Whiskey, while the boarding house is known for feeding fantastic Southern food to anyone who works at or visits the distillery. Jack Daniel’s Cookbook: Stories and Kitchen Secrets from Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House is a collection of recipes that showcase and plenty of whiskey-spiked dishes for every occasion, as well as some of the famous dishes from Miss Mary Bobo’s that visitors come home raving about.

The book opens with a brief introduction into the world of Jack Daniel’s, touching on their process and on some of their products, before moving into the recipes. The recipes start with classic cocktails and variations on them. The chapter, as well as the rest of the book, is sprinkled with funny anecdotes about visitors to the restaurant and the distillery. After the cocktails, you’ll get into recipes for more substantial (non-liquid) fare, include brunch dishes, salads, main dishes, barbecue and desserts.

Some of the recipes use Jack Daniel’s for flavor, while others do not, so you don’t necessarily need to have a bottle of Jack in your kitchen to make most of the recipes. That said, some of the recipes rely heavily on Jack for flavor and, if you’re a whiskey fan, it is well worth picking some up to make dishes like Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie or some amazing barbecue sauces. The book is fun to read through because you get the flavor of the town and the distillery – literally and figuratively. If you’re a fan of Jack Daniel’s you’ll love it, and even if you’re not, you just might find yourself wanting to visit Lynchburg after trying a few of the recipes.

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