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Vegan Junk Food

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Vegan Junk FoodThere are many cookbooks out that feature vegan cookies, cakes and other treats, but many people still have the perception that eating a vegan diet means that you eat a whole lot of sprouts, nuts and berries while missing out on most good-tasting things. It’s not that sprouts, nuts and berries don’t taste good – it’s just that they’re in a different category than waffles, brownies and creme brulee. Vegan Junk Food is a cookbook that aims to bridge this gap by providing more than two hundred recipes for “junk foods” (most of which seem like “normal” foods) that have been given a makeover to be completely vegan.

The cookbook features recipes in both sweet and savory categories. It starts with breakfast and offers recipes for everything from quiche to muffins to apple fritters. Other chapters include Deli Favorites, Meatless Entrees, Crusts and Carbs (pizza and breads), Party Favorites and Dips. For dessert, there are chapters that feature cakes, pies, cookies, candies, bars and brownies. And, yes, you’ll find totally vegan recipes for indulgences like creme brulee here, too. There is something for every meal, every occasion and every junk food craving! The recipes are easy to follow along with, with clear and well-written directions. Some of the recipes call for storebought vegan products, such as vegan sour cream, but recipes are provided for many of those same products, so that you can make them yourself at home as an alternative and use those in your recipes instead of running out to buy them. Not only do you get a lot of useful recipes, but you won’t need to rely on pricey storebought products to work with this book.

The only thing missing are more photos, but the sheer volume of recipes in the book makes up for the lack of photos because everything sounds tasty just from the descriptions. Vegans, without question, will have a lot of fun with this book. Non-vegans, whether you’re trying to cut back on meat/dairy or are simply looking for something new in the kitchen, will still have a good time with these recipes and enjoy the results – which are very tasty in their own right, not just substitutions for the “real” thing.

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