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Chicago Metallic Chick Silicone Mold

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Chicago Metallic Chick Silicone Mold
Chicks are a traditional shape for marshmallow Peeps and they’re the most popular, even though Peeps now come in a variety of different shapes for various holidays. When you see a chick around Easter, you’re going to think of a Peep, and that is exactly what I thought of when I spotted this Chicago Metallic Chick Silicone Mold while out shopping for Easter goodies.

The silicone pan has 12 cavities that are all chick-shaped. They’re much larger than actual Peeps, and larger than the cavities in the Wilton silicone Peep pan, so they’re a good choice for baking little Easter mini cakes. The finished cakes will be about the size of a cupcake, giving you plenty of room to decorate and enough size from a “flock” of cakes to make a fantastic Easter centerpiece. You can also pipe the molds full of marshmallow to mold super sized Peeps, or fill them with colorful Jello for an alternative to baking a cake. Chick-shaped ice cubes could be fun for Easter entertaining, if you’re planning to serve a punch, as well. The pan is flexible and has limited enough detail that it is not difficult to get your treats out with a clearly defined chick shape. It is nonstick, but you will definitely want to grease the pan well for best results.

I found this pan at Target and it doesn’t seem to be readily available online at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled while you’re out shopping and I’ll update this with a link if I see them somewhere that will ship directly to you.

Chicago Metallic Chick Silicone Mold

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  • Marilyn
    June 16, 2016

    Has anyone found where to purchase this adorable mold?

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