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My Family Cookbook

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My Family Cookbook
In the past, when I’ve taught classes on blogging, I usually ask people why they are thinking about starting a blog in the first place. Most people tell me that they want a place where they can share their recipes with friends and family – and that is the reason that most of us started blogging in the first place so many years ago. While most people store their recipes online, I have a huge stash of recipe cards that belonged to my grandmothers. These recipes – some better than others, if I am completely honest – are a part of the family history and not only do they give me the opportunity to make those dishes again, they give me the opportunity to remember particular days and events that I spent with my family.

This is a long-winded way of saying that it can be very nice to have a physical copy of those family recipes, something to literally pass down or around to other family members, something to hold in your hands as you flip through the pages. My Family Cookbook is a gift book that is designed to be filled up with favorite family recipes and photos. The photos can be of the food or of family moments around those dishes, if you want to make the book equal parts recipe archive and photo album. The hardbound 80-page book book has space for dozens of recipes, as well as blank spaces for notes and substitutions that you might want to jot down. Filling the book up is a great way to spend time with older family members, collecting their favorite recipes, but you can also fill it up (or get it started) yourself so that you can pass down your recipes to younger family members to enjoy.

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