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Cook’s Cuff

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Cook's Cuff
When I’m in the kitchen, I sometimes find myself consulting conversion tables to double check my measurements, especially when I am scaling recipes up and down for different serving sizes. How make teaspoons are in a quarter cup? How many cups are in a quart? The Cook’s Cuff is a lovely piece of jewelry that has some real utility to it – in addition to helping you to dress up any outfit. The handmade, red brass cuff is stamped with all kinds of useful conversions that will help you out in the kitchen. It is also stamped with a cute design of a spoon and whisk. The cuff is 1 1/2-inches thick and about 6-inches long. It is malleable and can be opened – or closed – slightly to allow it to fit most wrists.

This cuff would be a great birthday or graduation gift for a woman in your life who loves to cook. It would also be a great way to simply treat yourself to a little something special – and the fact that it is also functional is an added bonus to help you justify a little splurge.

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