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Cookie LoveYou can never have too many cookie-centric cookbooks on your shelf. Cookies are an all-occasion baked good that can be made easily on a weekday afternoon, presented for a special occasion or packed up and shipped across the country just to say “I’m thinking of you.” Cookies come in all shapes, sizes and flavors – and no matter how many cookie recipes you try, trying a new one always seems like a good idea. Cookie Love: More Than 60 Recipes and Techniques for Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary is a cookbook for cookie-lovers. The book, written by professional pastry chef Mindy Segal, is full of cookie recipes that have been fine turned for maximum flavor and is sure to add some new favorites to your cookie baking rotation.

The book is divided into chapters by cookie type, from drop cookies to thumbprint cookies to bars. Unlike some other cookbooks, the chapter on the “basics” comes at the end of the book. I like this format because it makes the book feel a bit more like a reference book and allows you to jump right in to the recipes, if you want to. The cookie recipes range from the familar (Chocolate Chip Cookies) to the more unusual (Smoked Almond Shortbread with Orange Blossom and Rasberry Framboise), but each and every one is designed to deliver as much flavor as possible. To ensure that your cookies come out perfectly, the directions are very detailed. The recipes give you very exact mixing times and carefully walk you through absolutely every bowl you need to make the recipe. Some of the recipes are accompanied by suggestions for flavor variations that will allow you to use one base recipe for several new ones, while others are accompanied by tips on ingredients that will ensure you get the best flavor possible.

The recipes are illustrated by beautiful photos of the finished cookies that will get your mouth watering. That said, the descriptions of the cookies are almost enough on their own! This book is a lot of fun for the cookie-lover to work with, since it focuses so heavily on flavor. After trying a few recipes, you’ll have a few new favorites, but you’ll also have many ideas as to how you can improve (or create) other recipes on your own!

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